Oceanic climate

Rainforest west Canada

The oceanic climate areas stretch from the Western shores of Europe, Portugal to Norway, and on the Western littoral of America from San Francisco to -British Colombia in Canada. In the southern hemisphere, areas includes Chile, New Zealand and Tasmania (Australia). Many of these areas are heavily populated with plenty of apartments to rent and homes to buy.


The annual average temperature of these areas lies between 10C and 13C.


Precipitations appear much more abundant than they are in reality: their annual total hardly exceeds the meter, but they are distributed over all the year, with a maximum during the cold season related to the passage of depressions.

One of the major feature of the oceanic areas is a certain indifference regarding to latitude. The climatic bands are laid out in the north and the south. In fact, from Portugal to Norway and on the Atlantic shores, there is a low temperature variation. This climate changes as soon as you go deeper in the continents: rain decreases and thermal variations increase. These areas of semi-continental climate form the transition with the continental climate areas climates.